Books About Dyslexia and Related Conditions

books_colourful_4This is our list of some of the best books we’ve seen covering the various aspects of dyslexia and related conditions. Unless stated, all are currently available as new in the UK and can be ordered from any good bookshop or online from retailers such as Amazon. ISBN numbers have been provided for convenience.

Please click on the book covers to go directly to Amazon where you can find full details and current pricing, etc.  Many books also allow sample content to be viewed.

If you feel that we’ve missed any key titles, please get in touch and we’ll add them to the list.


    • ‘Dyslexia – A Beginner’s Guide’ by Nicola Brunswick
      Publisher: Oneworld Publications [2009]
      ISBN: 978-1851686452

    • ‘The Dyslexic Advantage: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain’ by Brock Eide and Fernette Eide
      Publisher: Hay House [2011]
      ISBN: 978-1848506398

    • ‘That’s the Way I Think: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADHD Explained’ by David Grant
      Publisher: David Fulton/Routledge [2010]
      ISBN: 978-0415564649

    • ‘How to Detect and Manage Dyslexia: A Reference and Resource Manual’ by Philomena Ott
      Publisher: Heinemann [1997]
      ISBN: 978-0435104191

    • ‘Dyslexia: How Would I Cope?’ by Michael Ryden
      Publisher: Jessica Kingsley [1997]
      ISBN: 978-1853023859

Explaining Dyslexia to Young Children

    • ‘Back to Front and Upside Down’ by Claire Alexander [suitable for 5-7 yrs]
      Publisher: Gullane Children’s Books [2012]
      ISBN: 978-1862338425

    • ‘My name is Brain Brian’ by Jeanne Betancourt
      Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks [1996]
      ISBN: 978-0590449229

    • ‘So You Think You’ve Got Problems?’ by Rosalind Birkett
      Publisher: Egon Publishers Ltd [2nd Revised edition 2011]
      ISBN: 978-1907656019

    • ‘Dyslexia (Talking it Through)’ by Althea Braithwaite (suitable for 8-11 yrs]
      Publisher: Happy Cat Books [2003]
      ISBN: 978-1903285558

    • ‘Brian Has Dyslexia’ by Jenny Leigh [suitable 5 yrs +]
      Publisher: Red Kite Books [2009]
      ISBN: 978-1902463544

Early Years Support

    • ‘Dyslexia in the Early Years: A practical guide to teaching and learning’ by Dimitra Hartas
      Publisher: Routledge [2005]
      ISBN: 978-0415345002

    • ‘Before Alpha: Learning Games for Under 5s’ by Beve Hornsby
      Publisher: Souvenir Press Ltd [1996]
      ISBN: 978-0285633278

Teenagers/Students Support

    • ‘Dyslexia: A Teenager’s Guide’ by Dr Sylvia Moody
      Publisher: Vermilion [2004]
      ISBN: 978-0091900014

    • ‘Dyslexia: Surviving and Succeeding at College’ by Dr Sylvia Moody
      Publisher: Routledge [2007]
      ISBN: 978-0415430593

Study Skills

    • ‘Buzan’s Study Skills: Mind Maps, Memory Techniques, Speed Reading and More!’ by Tony Buzan
      Publisher: BBC Active/Pearson [2011]
      ISBN: 978-1406664898

    • ‘The Study Skills Handbook’ (Palgrave Study Skills) by Dr Stella Cottrell
      Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan [3rd edition 2008]
      ISBN: 978-0230573055

    • ‘Study Skills and Dyslexia in the Secondary School: A Practical Approach’ by Marion Griffiths
      Publisher: David Fulton [2002]
      ISBN: 978-1853467905

    • ‘Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia’ (SAGE Study Skills Series) by Sandra Hargreaves
      Publisher: SAGE Publications [second edition 2012]
      ISBN: 978-1446202876

    • ‘Get Ahead – Mind-Map Your Way To Success’ by Vanda North and Tony Buzan
      Publisher: Buzan [4th edition 1996; currently out of print]
      ISBN: 978-1874374008

    • ‘Study Skills: A Pupil’s Survival Guide’ by Christine Ostler
      Publisher: Ammonite Books [1996]
      ISBN: 978-1869866105

    • ‘Advanced Study Skills: A Student’s Survival Guide’ by Christine Ostler
      Publisher: SEN Marketing [2009] [currently out of print]
      ISBN: 978-1903842126

    • ‘Pocket Study Skills’ series
      Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan [2009-2013]
      ISBN: various

For Parents

    • ‘Seven Ways to Help your Child with Reading’ by Barbara Geere
      Publisher: Barbara Geere [1989]
      ISBN: 978-0951227107

    • ‘Seven Ways to Help your Child with Maths’ by Barbara Geere
      Publisher: Barbara Geere [1991] [currently out of print]
      ISBN: 978-0951227114

    • ‘Dyslexia: A Parents’ Guide to Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Other Learning Difficulties’ by Valerie Muter and Helen Likierman
      Publisher: Vermilion [2008]
      ISBN: 978-0091923389

    • ‘Take Time: Movement Exercises for Parents, Teachers and Therapists of Children with Difficulties in Speaking, Reading, Writing and Spelling’ by Mary Nash-Wortham and Jean Hunt
      Publisher: Robinswood Press [5th revised edition 2008]
      ISBN: 978-1906053802

    • ‘Dyslexia: A Parent’s Survival Guide’ by Christine Ostler
      Publisher: Ammonite Books [1999]
      ISBN: 978-1869866136

    • ‘Dyslexia: A Complete Guide for Parents and Those Who Help Them’ by Gavin Reid
      Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell [2nd edition 2011]
      ISBN: 978-0470973738

    • ‘How Dyslexics Learn: Grasping the Nettle’ by Dr Kate Saunders
      Publisher: PATOSS [2002]
      ISBN: 978-0953931514

    • ‘Understanding ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia & Dyspraxia’ by Professor Colin Terrell and Dr Terri Passenger
      Publisher: Family Doctor Books in Association with the British Medical Association [revised edition 2011]
      ISBN: 978-1903474273

    • ‘101 Ways To Get Your Child To Read’ (Quick Read) by Patience Thomson
      Publisher: Barrington Stoke [2009][currently out of print]
      ISBN: 978-1842996713

    • ‘Prepare Your Child for Success in Maths’ by Sarah Wedderburn
      Publisher: Unicorn Publishing [2012]
      ASIN: B009BAIO44 [Kindle edition – print edition not currently available]

    • ‘Firm Foundations: A Parent’s Guide to the Skills Essential for Reading and Writing’ by Clare Welsh and Lynn Fallaize
      Publisher: Barrington Stoke [2005]
      ISBN: 978-1842993002

For Teachers

    • ‘Overcoming Dyslexia – A Practical Handbook For The Classroom’ by Hilary Broomfield and Margaret Combley
      Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell [2003]
      ISBN: 978-1861562586

    • ‘Dyslexia In Secondary School: A Practical Handbook’ by Jenny Cogan and Mary Flecker
      Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell [2004]
      ISBN: 978-1861562722

    • ‘Removing Dyslexia As A Barrier To Achievement: The Dyslexia Friendly Schools Toolkit’ by Neil MacKay
      Publisher: SEN Marketing [3rd revised edition 2012]
      ISBN: 978-1903842102

    • ‘Teaching Children With Dyslexia: A Practical Guide’ by Philomena Ott
      Publisher: Routledge [2006]
      ISBN: 978-0415324540

    • ‘The Dyslexia Friendly Primary School: A Practical Guide for Teachers’ by Barbara Pavey
      Publisher: Sage [2006]
      ISBN: 978-1412910309

    • ‘Dyslexia and Inclusion: Classroom Approaches for Assessment, Teaching and Learning’ by Gavin Reid
      Publisher: David Fulton/NASEN/Routledge [2nd edition 2012]
      ISBN: 978-0415607582

    • ‘100+ Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyslexia’ by Gavin Reid
      Publisher: Continuum [2nd Edition, 2011]
      ISBN: 978-0826434166

    • ‘Dyslexia in Context: Research, Policy and Practice’ edited by Gavid Reid and Angela Fawcett [for learners studying SpLD at Level 3 or above]
      Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell [2004]
      ISBN: 978-1861564269

Related Conditions

    • ‘Glue Ear: An Essential Guide for Teachers, Parents and Health Professionals’ by Dr Lindsay Peer
      Publisher: David Fulton [2005]
      ISBN: 978-1843123521

    • ‘Developmental Dyspraxia: Identification and Intervention: A Manual for Parents and Professionals’ by Madeleine Portwood
      Publisher: David Fulton [2nd Edition, 1999]
      ISBN: 978-1853465734

    • ‘Dyslexia, Speech and Language 2nd Edition: A Practitioner’s Handbook’ edited by Margaret J Snowling and Joy Stackhouse
      Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell [2nd Edition, 2005]
      ISBN: 978-1861564856


    • ‘The Dyscalculia Toolkit: Supporting Learning Difficulties in Maths’ by Ronit Bird
      Publisher: Sage [2nd Edition, 2013]
      ISBN: 978-1446267196

    • ‘Overcoming Difficulties with Number: Supporting Dyscalculia and Students who Struggle with Maths [Book & CD] by Ronit Bird
      Publisher: Sage [2009]
      ISBN: 978-1848607118

    • ‘Dyscalculia Guidance: Helping Pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties in Maths’ by Brian Butterworth
      Publisher: nferNelson/Letts [2004]
      ISBN: 978-0708711521

    • ‘Mathematics for Dyslexia, including Dyscalculia’ by Steve Chinn & Richard Ashcroft
      Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell [3rd Edition, 2006]
      ISBN: 978-0470026922

    • ‘What To Do When You Can’t Learn The Times Tables’ by Steve Chinn
      Publisher: Egon Publishers [1997]
      ISBN: 978-1899998272

    • ‘Dealing with Dyscalculia: Sum Hope’ by Steve Chinn
      Publisher: Souvenir Press [2007]
      ISBN: 978-0285637986

    • ‘The Trouble with Maths: A Practical Guide to Helping Learners with Numeracy Difficulties’ by Steve Chinn
      Publisher: Routledge [2nd Edition, 2011]
      ISBN: 978-0415670104

    • ‘More Trouble with Maths: A complete guide to identifying and diagnosing mathematical difficulties’ by Steve Chinn
      Publisher: David Fulton/NASEN/Routledge [2012]
      ISBN: 978-0415670135

    • ‘Teaching Maths To Pupils with Different Learning Styles’ by Tandi Clausen-May
      Publisher: SAGE Publications [2005]
      ISBN: 978-1412903592

    • ‘Dyscalculia Assessment’ by Jane Emerson and Patricia Babtie
      Publisher: Continuum Books [2011]
      ISBN: 978-1441140852

    • ‘Working with Dyscalculia: Recognising Dyscalculia Overcoming Barriers to Learning in Maths’ by Anne Henderson, Melanie Brough and Felipe Came
      Publisher: Learning Works [2003] [currently out of print]
      ISBN: 978-0953105526

Further Reading

    • ‘Teaching the Brain to Read’ by Dr Duncan Milne
      Publisher: [unknown] [2000] [currently out of print]
      ISBN: 978-0958256131

    • ‘In the Mind’s Eye: Visual Thinkers – Gifted People with Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties’ by Thomas West
      Publisher: Prometheus Books [2nd revised edition 1997]
      ISBN: 978-1573921558

    • ‘Proust and The Squid: The Story and The Science of The Reading Brain’ by Maryanne Wolf
      Publisher: Icon [reprint edition 2008]
      ISBN: 978-1848310308