Dyslexia Friendly Books

boy_reading_7_letters_jumpingDyslexic children need access to good literature and books with low reading age/high interest levels. The following publishers supply a range of dyslexia friendly books. Some are suitable for teenagers and adults.

Ann Arbor Publishers

Dilo Reading Books and High Noon Reading Books

Tel: 01668 214 460
Web: http://www.annarbor.co.uk

Barrington Stoke

Tel: 0131 225 4113
Email: barrington@barringtonstoke.co.uk
Web: www.barringtonstoke.co.uk

Boffin Boy

A popular manga comic style series designed specifically for reluctant and struggling readers. Interest Age 8 – 14 years | Reading Age 6 – 7 years.

Tel:01962 862307
Email: ransom@ransom.co.uk
Web: http://www.ransom.co.uk/BoffinBoy.html

Let Me Learn

Resources and educational games for struggling learners.

Tel: 02380 660271
Email: sue@letmelearn.co.uk
Web: http://www.letmelearn.co.uk/reluctant-readers-c-22_127.html

Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre: Fall into Reading [Recommendations of Books for Dyslexic Children 7-11 years].

Tel: 01252 792 400
Email: enquiries@arkellcentre.org.uk
Web: http://www.arkellcentre.org.uk

LDA Learning

Tel: 0845 120 4776
Email: orders@ldalearning.com
Web: http://www.ldalearning.com

Cambridge House

Tel: 01732 369 822
Email: info@CambridgeHouse-Dyslexia.com
Web: http://www.cambridgehouse-dyslexia.co.uk/html/reading_books.html

Books for Reluctant Readers

Web: http://www.wordpool.co.uk/rr/rrcontents.htm
Lists of books from various publishers.

Click the link to view the useful Guide to Choosing Dyslexia Friendly Books for Kids from Waterstones and Dyslexia Action.


There are formulae for calculating the readability of texts according to word length, sentence length and complexity.

Computer programs, e.g. Word, give readability scores according to those criteria. A simple method is called the Five Finger Test:

    • Choose a book you like.
    • Open it in the middle.
    • Try to find a page without pictures.
    • Start reading at the top. Go on till you reach a word you do not know.
    • Put your little finger on it.
    • Continue reading. Put a finger on each word you do not know.
    • If you run out of fingers before you get to the bottom of the page, the book is probably too difficult for independent reading.

Other ways of enjoying books

    • Ask someone to read the book to you, while you point to the words.
    • Try paired reading – a helper reads the harder words.
    • Listen to an audio book or audio-tape of the book, while following the words in the book.

Audio Books to Download

Listen to downloaded audio books with screen reading software. Listening and following the text can also help improve reading skills.

The latest version of Kindle from Amazon has a screen reading facility, and also allows you to change the font, font size and line spacing. Books out of copyright can be downloaded for free from Amazon.

Free e-books for downloading

Web: http://www.manybooks.net
Scroll down to ‘About this Site’ and then click on Popular Formats, to see the range available. They must be books that are out of 50 year copyright, and in addition books donated by authors, as a taster for their other publications.

Other free e-book sites include: